Any content that you produce you do so with the sole aim of connecting to your international audience.  In today’s day and age, consumers, especially the millennials, are social media savvy and want regular video content from brands they follow. 

For brands with an international following, just producing content isn’t enough, it should appeal to and resonate with the international audiences who come from different linguistic backgrounds. And one of the finest ways to do so is through subtitling

Adding subtitles pays off huge dividends in the form of improved brand engagement and SEO. Subtitling isn’t all about catering to audiences who speak different languages. Broadly speaking, subtitling caters to the needs of three major audience segments: one, whose native language is different from yours; second, whose hearing is completely or partially lost; third, who are in a noisy environment.

For native speakers whose hearing is completely or partially impaired, subtitling is highly beneficial and imperative. Even normal people sometimes prefer subtitles over audio, especially when in noisy environments. And of course, it’s inevitable if you have a large overseas audience as viewers of your video productions. 

Shortest to say, subtitling promotes user engagement with your content and your brands. Here at Locate Translate, we believe adding subtitles to videos offers three major benefits.

Social Media

 The number one marketing tool available for businesses today is undoubtedly social media. Quite erroneously, most people believe subtitling is exclusive to films and TV only. On the contrary, it plays a significant role in forging lasting relationships on social media as it’s the single largest platform available to businesses for content creation and distribution. 

Subtitling will help you leverage borderless social media to share videos with your international audience in multiple languages. With the help of subtitles, users can consume your content more effectively and share it with friends and families. Needless to say, you can subtitle video content to make it more engaging and captivating to publish across social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram Reels, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

As a result, for those who are hard of hearing, are non-native, or are in a noisy environment, your videos will become accessible. Consequently, widening the reach and ensuring greater penetration of your video content on social media. 

A key takeaway is that your audience will better connect with your content when they understand its language!

Promoting Inclusivity

 Without subtitling, a larger chunk of visual content would have remained inaccessible forever and disadvantaged a larger proportion of the world population. But subtitling has largely benefited media consumers across the languages and promoted inclusivity. 

Business video content merits the same inclusivity and nothing but subtitling promises it. Therefore, by adding subtitles you’re making your videos available to viewers from all backgrounds of life by overcoming the language barrier. As an added advantage, your audience will feel all the more connected to your brand! 

All the while winning your brand their lasting loyalty when seeing you go a step further to promote inclusivity by subtitling video content in regional languages.

Improving SEO

Besides being vital to cater to the audiences’ linguistic needs, subtitles help improve your business’s SEO. The reason we say that is simply because Google and other search engines aren’t capable of crawling video, meaning they don’t know what the video is as such. 

However, on subtitling a video, you add text to your video content, and the text will contain your keywords, which will, in turn, help Google to rank on SERPs in your target language and country. Therefore, a combo of text and video together is a winning combination for your brand to rank higher in search results. 

Locate Translate houses experienced subtitlers and translators to cater to your subtitling needs in over 30 language pairs. In addition to subtitling services, we’re also a specialist provider of voice-over and transcription services in London, UK. We assign in-house subtitle translators to subtitle videos. Call us on 0208 609 4852, email or for more information on our subtitling and voice over services!

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