Open End Coding [Verbatim Coding] Services

Open end coding market research makes intelligible what is unintelligible, turns raw data into valuable insights. Leveraging quantitative analysis to quantify raw data into words, concepts, phrases, and ideas using linguist provided code frame, open-end coding prove helpful in market research where customer responses are often open-ended.

Linguists at Locate Translate know how to do open coding and convert raw open-ended data into intelligent insights that can tell plenty about consumer and market behaviour. If you’re a business sitting on a pile of data generated from market research, it is time to turn it into something valuable and insightful using our open-end coding services.

Open End Coding Services

Why Do You Need Open End Coding?

In every sector, whether it’s business, finance, education, healthcare qualitative and quantitative data collection is integral to research being conducted. Businesses rely on market research to obtain necessary information about consumer and market behavior. This vital knowledge which will dictate much of what a business does and how it operates in the future is hard to get primarily through market research.

Here is why …

Market research generates lots of text because consumers who consent to respond to your open-ended questions do so in a manner reflective of free expression. Since they do what they do out of their own volition, they bring no closure to their responses, let it remain open-ended instead.

In other words, respondents take no pains to respond meaningfully to your survey questions. Responses they give is often just a hasty scribble. While any expectation to get a full and meaningful response is elusive at best, the reality is that participants would rather prefer not to write at all.

The least they could do is incomprehensibly write down everything coming to mind, which is what they do, to produce an open-ended and inconclusive response. It’s here that open-end coding glides to rescue your research! What open-end coding does is bring a conclusion to the inconclusive data, or make incomprehensible comprehensible. Which is reason enough why you need open-end coding!

Open-ended questions are survey questions that participants can answer freely, expressing in their own words their own opinions.

Responses or answers to open-ended questions are referred to as verbatim responses, marred by limitations discussed above, though rich in data.

What is Open Coding?

Long strides have been made by researchers and linguists to make participation in research involving open-end questions more engaging. Consequently, we have today a questionnaire format in which each open-ended answer or verbatim response is coded beforehand to make it easier to comprehend the answer and summarize the entire survey results comprehensively, conclusively and adequately.

Open-ended questions can provide you with plenty of valuable information from which to draw key insights. However, responses to open-ended questions are extremely lengthy and represent the inner voice of respondents, unbiased and unfiltered without any artificiality since they are not coerced into responding to a query. It’s more of a play of free will!

Apparently, not much to draw from such responses, but open-end coding experts dig deeper to quantify accurately participants’ responses and bring value to bear on a previously indecipherable pile of data.

Open End Coding Market Research

So what exactly is meant by open coding, which brings so much value to the market research?

Open-end coding is a systematic process of deciphering indecipherable data. Simply put, open-end coding is a process of converting raw data into valuable insights, easily comprehensible and remarkably intelligent.

The processed data is often stored in Excel format. You may be sitting on a goldmine and never know it unless you let one of our coders sift through your data and interpret it to yield meaningful insights!

Key Highlights Of Our Open End Coding Services

Coding Survey Data

Leveraging their analytical skills, our expert linguists with comprehensive coding skills can decipher the entire survey data.

Verbatim Response Translations

We have linguists with open-end coding expertise to offer verbatim response translations in 30+ languages.

Data Coders

Our linguists and data coders have plenty of experience in sectors such as finance, healthcare, information technology.

Specialist Linguists & Coders

We’ve been in the translation industry for enough time to have assembled a bunch of truly expert linguists and coders who can offer quality open-end coding services to our clients.

As such, we specialize in translating and quantifying verbatim responses from an array of market research sources, such as customer feedback systems (phone, offline, online, video, audio), social media.

Our linguistic expertise equips us to decipher subtleties of any source language to convey real and intended meanings of responses and is reason enough why you should rely on us for open-end coding solutions.

Open End Coding Services
Open End Coding Services

Quality Open-End Coding Experience

With us, you’re in for a quality open-end coding experience. We do it painstakingly and adhere to meticulous quality standards.

Equipped with the right skills and knowledge with an affinity for detail, our coders scribe each code manually and subject it to rigorous quality checks to ensure error-free coding.

At the end of the process, you’re delivered quality data full of valuable insights.

Our Verbatim Coding Process

You can have data in textual, audio/video or graphic form and we do coding for each one of these data forms. We assign a coding expert to go through your data – reading, listening, viewing it – come up with a customized “code frame” which is sent for the client’s approval.

A coding expert writes codes for all verbatim responses to reflect the true meaning of open-ended answers. A quality monitoring mechanism is put in place to check for and stem out errors and ensure quality coding.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee your project, responsible to ensure codes align perfectly with specific objectives and requirements of your surveys.

After going through your project details, he will make sure a native linguist is assigned to carry out the translation work. Our coders and linguists work in tandem so that everyone is on the same page. To achieve efficiency and speedy delivery of projects, we work tirelessly to finish within stipulated deadlines without compromising on quality.

Our Open-End Coding Process

Wondering how to do open coding? This is how we code open-end survey question responses and how our multilingual open coding process looks.

Our linguists and data coders create an initial code frame and send it for client approval.

The client reviews the code to confirm key elements such as nets, buckets, etc.

Upon client approval, we manually code open-ended responses in MS Excel Sheet.

Our qualified data coders code open-end responses, no automation or computer coding is used.

We make sure codes are error-free and in agreement with the open-end verbatim.

Our Quality Control Team steps in to check the quality of files and ensure data delivery in the requested format.

Open End Coding Made Easy

Join hands with Locate Translate for open-end coding services.  Our native linguists and expert coders work diligently in tandem with our clients to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Coding errors are something we detest, we try to keep errors at bay. You can bank on us for quality and error-free open coding to understand your market as well as customer behaviour.

Open End Coding Services

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