Although the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has declined in most parts of the world. The remote work, which was almost a compulsion when it was first introduced as a measure for physical distancing, is here to stay. Professionals seem to have accustomed to remote digital conferencing to connect with each other and their audience, instead of in-person meetings and webinars. 

People from business, education, healthcare, market research, and legal industries continue to use Zoom video conferencing software even though restrictions on international travel and physical gatherings have been lifted. Zoom Meetings has simplified remote video conferencing due to which professionals prefer it over in-person meetings to connect with each other via audio, video, and text.

People are comfortable using Zoom video conferences to conduct webinars. Doctors use it to connect with patients. Teachers use it to host webinars to connect with students. Business people connect with their clients, stakeholders and consumers via Zoom. Zoom is easier to use, and as a result, has replaced traditional communication. 

But as was the case with traditional conferences and webinars, interpretation services are inevitable to exchange ideas, knowledge and information, and for fruitful communication to take place. Albeit, the Zoom interpretation methods are different from the ones used for in-person conferences. 

Host Zoom Webinar with Simultaneous Interpretation

Taking the lead to ensure a seamless conferencing experience on Zoom, Locate Translate offers Zoom simultaneous interpretation for webinars. From a vast pool of native linguists who perform language translation to the technical expertise to ensure delivery of seamless remote interpreting, Locate Translate guarantees anyone in need of simultaneous interpretation for webinars a robust service to connect and communicate in over 30 language pairs.

In other words, Locate Translate will assign professional interpreters with sector-specific expertise in healthcare, law, market research, education, business, life science, and marketing to help with interpretation into 30+ languages, including French, German, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, etc. 

Once the requirements are shared with us, for example, the language in which interpreting is sought and the subject of the webinar, based on that information we will deliver a tailored solution for your needs.

Zoom Proficient Interpreters

Without a doubt, specialised skills are needed for interpretation services. You can rest assured that Locate Translate houses interpreters specifically proficient in Zoom interpretation

What’s the situation where Zoom simultaneous interpretation for webinars becomes an absolute necessity. 

Zoom interpretation is inevitable when hosting webinars with participants speaking different languages.  If hosting the webinar primarily in English, but expecting foreign-language speakers to attend, we will offer an interpretation service to interpret the proceedings from primary language English into the foreign language(s).

Know that in Zoom interpretation if a person doesn’t speak the language in which the webinar is being conducted, our Zoom specialist interpreters will translate the speaker’s words and transmit interpretation only to that person(s).

Reach global audiences through Zoom interpretation.

The flexibility of Zoom video conferencing tools can be leveraged to connect virtually with global audiences, irrespective of language and location. To support your multilingual events, Locate Translate will provide the linguistic support necessary to host multilingual webinars. 

Offering participants live language interpreting in their native language will ensure your webinar is accessible to a wider audience who can join from around the world. Whether your attendees speak English, Korean, Japanese, French, etc. irrespective of languages, we will help hosts connect with multilingual people.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for Multilingual Conferences

To Zoom users for conferences, Locate Translate wants to share that we facilitate multilingual conferences by offering the remote simultaneous interpretation service. Our claims of guaranteed accuracy are backed up by the linguistic and technical expertise Locate Translate has accumulated over the last two years of Zoom’s skyrocketing popularity. Clients from a variety of industries use Locate Translate to get accessible simultaneous interpreting solutions for online conferences held virtually over Zoom.

Because we house professional interpreters who understand the technicalities of the Zoom platform very well, we’re able to deliver simultaneous interpretations to clients all over the world who use it to host business conferences in multiple languages or conduct educational webinars where subject matter experts share the latest developments in a particular field with attendees speaking different languages.

In other words, we make sure medical interpreters perform medical interpretation for healthcare and life sciences sectors and legal interpreters carry out the legal interpretation for the legal sector, the same holds for other sectors.

Locate Translate offers Zoom simultaneous interpretation for:

    • Webinars
    • Webcasts
    • International business meetings
    • Diplomatic meetings
    • Telehealth

Remote Zoom Language Translation

Looks like the pandemic has changed the face of conferencing forever. With remote conferencing emerging as the preferred way to communicate with international audiences, the need for remote language translation, too, has seen an upsurge. 

Locate Translate delivers remote language interpretation to render remote conferencing accessible for participants from all language backgrounds via Zoom. This we do to cater to the increasing demand for remote interpretation in scenarios where in-person interpretation is less relevant. The project will be taken up by Zoom interpreters experienced in your subject matter. Put simply, Locate Translate delivers Live Simultaneous Interpretations as well as Real-Time Consecutive Interpretations for Zoom conferences and webinars.


The rise of Zoom meetings doesn’t mean in-person meetings have been rendered irrelevant. Though the requirements are different for in-person and Zoom meetings, we cater to both: physical as well as virtual. That’s to say, whether you’re hosting an in-person or remote webinar, our “hybrid” interpretation solutions will suffice to ensure communication across languages. 

Whether for business meetings or teaching, Locate Translate provides a wide variety of sectors with Zoom simultaneous interpretation for webinars. Our “hybrid” interpretation services, that’s the interpretation for physical or in-person conferences and the interpretation for remote meetings, are meant to deliver tailored solutions for your interpretation needs in all circumstances.

Without further ado, contact Locate Translate today at 02086094852 or to order interpretation services for in-person as well as Zoom meetings.

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