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Our Native German Interpreters Have a Profound Understanding of German Language to Interpret to and from German Perfectly.

Locate Translate offers German interpreting services that are tailored for government bodies, law firms, businesses, market research firms to our clients in London and outside London. Our interpreting services are provided by specialized German interpreters with a wide range of experience. German is spoken in thriving economies of the world, making its interpretation into other languages imperative for businesses and market research agencies aiming to cash in on its markets. To help you in this, we leverage our capability to interpret German into 30+ languages. Offered at a competitive fee, at short notice with 24×7 availability, our German interpreting services help businesses climb the ladder of international trade. While at the same time helping immigration officials, asylum seekers, courts and healthcare sectors overcome hurdles of language.

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german interpreting services

Interpreting German to English

At Locate Translate, we house interpreters with experience in a wide range of sectors. Need interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, to and from German? We’re the perfect destination to find and hire conference interpreters, NRPSI certified court interpreters, and telephone interpreters.

German to English Interpreting Services

English to German Interpreting Services

Shortest to say, at Locate Translate, you can interpret German to and from 30+ languages. Contact our interpreters for affordable German interpretation services if you are a business, market research agency, or just an individual looking for professional German interpreters.

Market Research Interviews Conference Interpreting  Face to Face Interpreting  Telephone Interpreting Medical Interpreting (Doctor-Patient Consultations) Legal Interpreting ( Of Court Hearings, Depositions, Confessions, etc.) Business Meetings Corporate Training Sessions Academic Conferences Over-the-Phone Interpreting.

Reasonably Priced

We provide affordable German interpretation in 30+ languages. Flexibility to handle last-minute amendments with rapid turnaround.

Human-Mediated Interpretation

We offer interpretation by expert German interpreters to ensure the delivery of accurate interpretating services.

100% Accuracy

At Locate Translate, we provide 100% accurate German interpreting services. It’s a guarantee backed by our skilled team of native interpreters.

30+ Languages

We’re well equipped with understanding and knowledge of the major languages and can provide interpretation in 30+ language pairs.

Degree Translation Services

24x7 Availability

Should you need urgent transcription, we’re available 24×7 to help.

Degree Translation Services

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign a dedicated account manager to every project so that our interpreters and clients better understand one another and respond to client requests within 30-60 minutes.

Degree Translation Services

ISO 9001 Certified Agency

We’re an ISO 9001 certified language service provider, following standard quality procedures to deliver the best interpreting services.

GDPR Compliant & Confidentiality Sensitive

As a GDPR compliant and confidentiality sensitive translation, interpreting and transcription company, we care for your privacy and ensure everything remains confidential.

German interpreting services

Certified German Interpreting

With Locate Translate, you get the opportunity to work with interpreters who’ve got the expertise and niche-specific subject knowledge. Our court interpreters are conversant with legal terminology, so are our medical interpreters with medical terminology. Therefore, you too can get a truly high-quality interpreting service that Locate Translate has been offering for years to a range of clients from around the world.

How We Assist

We deploy our interpreters to assist you with interpreting whether that be for medical appointments, market research interviews, conferencing, court hearings, corporate events or conferences. Even at a short notice, our interpreters can come to your assistance and charge a competitive fee. As an accredited interpreting agency in the UK with operations around the globe, we deliver quality service across sectors.

To say the least, we’ve vetted professionals in our team with experience in various fields, to cater to all your interpreting needs, including legal interpretationGerman Market Research interpretation, German medical interpretation, marketing translation, etc. All legal services are provided by our in-house team of interpreters who do so with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Why Are German Interpretation Services Necessary?

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There are two aspects to German interpretation being necessary for all sorts of reasons. One is language and another is economy.

Language Aspect

Greman language holds an important position in international trade. Counted among West Germanic Languages, and the larger family of Indo-European Languages, today it is Central Europe’s most commonly spoken language with around 100 million speakers.

Additionally, if one takes into account those who’ve German as a second language and another group of speakers who’ve got some fair amount of knowledge of it, the actual figure of German speakers stands somewhere between 175-220 million.

Economic Aspect

When it comes to Europe, Germany is its largest economy. Much of its economic power derives from the manufacturing sector, which is evident also in the fact that Germany is the third-largest exporter of goods in the world. That makes Germany an undisputed powerhouse of skilled workforce.

If you want to go global, Germany must be a stopover on your list. So businesses need the German market by their side to realize their dream of global expansion. Because conquering the German market is imperative for international businesses, there arises the need for German language services that will include German translation, German transcription, and German interpretation.

In short, we will propel your business to new heights with the help of our language solutions, which is to say we will facilitate seamless conversation between your business and the German workforce, consumers, clients, etc. The same holds for German businesses aiming to conquer English markets that may need the same language solutions that we offer. That’s translation, transcription, interpretation from German to English.

Legal Transcription Services UK

Court-Approved German Interpreters and Translators

For court interpretation, only certified interpreters are allowed access to court hearings, testimonials, etc. They have to be approved by NRPSI before they can undertake any such assignment. Good news, at Locate Translate, we can house NRPSI court interpreters to assist legal counsellors, law firms, and court with proceedings.

So if you happen to be someone with immediate need for court interpreters to assist legal professionals during prison visits, court hearings, or oen-on-one meeting with barristers, Locate Translate is ideal place to secure court interpreting services.

German interpreting services
German interpreting services
Legal Transcription Services UK

Conference Interpreting

Conferences can be a headache if there’s a language difference between the speakers and the audience. We can help you bridge that gap by offering simultaneous conference interpreting

Our professionally trained interpreters will listen to the speaker through headphones and translate the same into a microphone so that your audience can hear it in their native language. We’ve been offering professional interpreting services to market research agencies, financial and medical organizations, etc. 

Legal Transcription Services UK

German Telephone Interpreting Services

Telephone interpreting has grown immensely in popularity. Since it’s easy to set up and get running, clients prefer it over, say, face to face interpreting or Zoom interpreting.  So if you have meetings lined up over the phone and need a telephone interpreting service for the same, feel free to get in touch with our expert interpreters.

German interpreting services
German video interpreting services

German Video Interpreting Services

Video interpreting was never so popular and widely used as it has been since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Global businesses, healthcare organizations, courts resorted to video interpreting to run the business as usual while physically confined. 

As the video was the lone window to the outside world, with it the need for virtual interpreting skyrocketed. In short, the driving force to keep business communication going has been video interpretation. We’ve got the technical expertise and linguistic capability to deliver high-quality video interpreting services.


Why Locate Translate?

If you’re looking for an accredited, professional, ISO 9001 certified, GDPR compliant interpreting agency, then I bet we make a perfect fit. Locate Translate is a professional UK-based interpretation agency providing top-quality and accurate German interpreting services. Known for its commitment to professionalism, privacy and confidentiality, we promise our clients peace of mind when working with us.

Also, we’re a 24×7 language service provider and remain available for urgent interpretation requests all the time. Even with such a fast turnaround, we keep the standard of quality very high and promise unmatched accuracy to our clients from around the world.

Our team of skilled interpreters have experience in various sectors, provide interpretation in over 30+ languages. We remain committed to delivering quality service that is competitively priced. 

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How Does an Interpreter and a Translator Differ?

An interpreter differs from a translator in that, an interpreter interprets spoken words, on the other hand, a translator translates written words. So depending upon your requirements, you may have to choose one over the other. An interpreter requires one kind of skill set, whereas a translator, another. So if you’re looking for interpretation services, choose interpreters. Otherwise, for translation, you may need to hire translators. Shortest to say, you can’t substitute one for another, though both deal with language!

It’s not unusual for interpreters to be conversant with translation but fall short of the proficiency professional translators possess. Interpreters do sight translation where they read aloud a document written in one language into another.

What is the Difference Between Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretations?

In consecutive interpretation, an interpreter listens to what’s being said and interprets the same into another language. Consecutive interpretation involves note-taking, and utterances are kept to a maximum of a few sentences, enough to allow the interpreter to render it accurately into the target language. Consecutive interpretation is often used in the healthcare sector.

In simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter interprets out loud over the speaker and involves more real-time processing of the utterance. Leaving it less accurate, though fast and uninterrupted, compared to consecutive interpreting. It’s the preferred mode of interpretation most in legal and conference settings.

Are Interpreters Translators, and Vice Versa?

No, interpreters aren’t translators, and vice versa is also true. One thing common to both interpreters and translators is dealing with language. Moreover, interpretation is oral, whereas translation is a literary field. And interpretation tends to be more spontaneous and immediate, and translation is time-consuming and involves deep reflection over words.

Is Being Bilingual Enough To Be An Interpreter?

No, not at all. Rigorous training and a solid education in languages are required to deliver interpreting services. Shortest to say, expert-level proficiency in target and the source language is imperative for a professional interpreter, which comes through years of linguistic and interpreting training.

Do Interpreters Work From and To Any Language?

No. This is because learning a language to perfection is an uphill task, so is mastering it, which requires determined efforts and patience. Due to the rare availability of interpreters who’ve mastered to perfection mother tongue besides a second language, there’s no question interpreters can work from and to any language.

Who Is An Interpreter?

An interpreter is someone proficient in any language (usually his/her mother tongue), say, English, Spanish, Turkish, etc. and at least one other language. That makes interpreters a “bridge” between those who speak one, but not the other language. 

What Qualifications are Needed to Be an Interpreter?

The only qualification needed to be an interpreter is language proficiency in at least two languages. However, different sectors seek other requirements, too. For example, interpreters have to be NRPSI – National Register of Public Service Interpreters – certified in order to work in courts.

Looking for German Interpreting Services?

Locate Translate houses specialized German interpreters to provide face-to-face, video, telephone interpreting services. Write to us at and we will get back immediately with a FREE QUOTE.

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