Businesses wanting to serve multilingual and multicultural audiences have a challenge in language barriers. It’s an impediment you’d want to get rid of at the earliest. That’s why translation comes to play such an important role in streamlining foreign expansion. 

One prominent feature of the globalized economy is the non-uniformity of language. In terms of language, you don’t have one single dominant linguistic entity dominating the marketplace. On the contrary, there are small regional-language-driven marketplaces calling for businesses to cater to their regional sensibilities, in terms of culture and language, if they want to succeed in such markets.

Order: German Translation Services

One gets the impression of English as the single most dominant language of the world, but it’s the regional dialects and vernaculars that customers speak that are critical for the survival of your business. With that being said, it’s obvious why translation services are inevitable for legal and other industries.

But are there other reasons that render translation necessary? The answer is yes!

    1. The translation is vital as consumers find it easier to interact with your business in their native language compared to English.
    2. The more you offer potential consumers’ service in their native language, the more you earn their trust and sell better and reach a wider audience.
    3. Businesses with multinational operations need translation of documents such as handbooks, contracts, manuals.
    4. Professional translation saves you from marketing translation blunders that may harm your business in myriad ways by destroying its brand image.

Why Regional Languages Matter – A Case Study on the Indian Market

The internet in India is no longer English-dominated as there has been a steady rise of regional 1,600+ dialects to reclaim their space in the digital sphere. As a result, we can see today that India’s 22 official languages wield more influence than does English on the Indian population. 

That trend is glaringly evident in the sudden drop in the proportion of readers who read English newspapers, to a mere 8%. Concomitant to this drop, the readership of regional language newspapers have skyrocketed and claimed a bigger piece of the pie. 

Shift Away from English to Local Languages Gaining Traction and Popularity on the Internet

Speaking of the Indian language user base on the internet,  it’s 234 million. By 2021 end, we were to see local Indian languages accounting for 75% of internet users in India. This imminent paradigm shift is on cards. 

Therefore, the biggest challenge when entering the grand Indian market is the one posed by regional Indian languages. The responsibility of disseminating the brand message as effectively as possible lies with businesses who’ve got to equip themselves with linguistic power to connect consumers in their language. The aim is not just for the message to reach the target audience but to see to it that it resonates with consumers. And the sure and tested way to do this is by opting for translation services.

Why Localize Your Marketing and Other Content into Regional Languages?

It’s not just the language that changes when you move from one state to another within the Indian market. What else changes, is the culture of people! Consequently, the need to localize your content becomes inevitable. Otherwise, the people may not relate to your branding if it’s alien to their culture. 

So you have to creatively translate your business-related content before peddling it for the consumption of your consumer base. And to add to it, you have to do it accurately by hiring professional translators who‘ve got experience and knowledge in the niche industry. Otherwise, mistranslations or translation blunders harm a business’s reputation beyond repair. 

How Translation Blunders Harm Your Business?

Translation blunders are real and can cost your business hefty by destroying your brand’s reputation. When you think of mistranslations, the 2009 case that happened with HSBC comes to mind immediately. 

A Mistranslation Costs HSBC $10 Million

Instead of translating the “Assume Nothing” slogan properly, the slogan got mistranslated as “Do Nothing” and HSBC had to spend $10 million to rectify the mistake. 

When KFC Mistranslated the “Finger-lickin’-good” Tagline as “Eat your fingers off”

A similar case happened when KFC’s  “Finger-lickin’-good” tagline was mistranslated as “Eat your fingers off” back in the 1980s when it entered the Chinese market.

You surely don’t want anything of this sort to happen to your business when expanding your business to a foreign country! Who wants the first impression to go wrong, right!

Locate Translate understands the impact language barriers have on businesses functioning overseas. We don’t want the language to be a barrier, we want it to be a bridge between businesses and consumers, and, of course, employees. 

How Can Locate Translate Help your Business?

We are quick to handle translations in 30+ language pairs and are equipped to do it accurately and within your budget. Our language translations rank for their accuracy and precision and are free from errors.

Industries like Legal for which Translation is Inevitable

  1. Legal Industry
  2. Educational Institutions & eLearning Industry
  3. Finance Industry
  4. Healthcare Industry
  5. Manufacturing Industry
  6. E-Commerce Industry
  7. Market Research Industry
  8. Entertainment and Gaming Industry
  9. Travel and Tourism Industry
  10. Human Resources (HR) Industry

1. Legal Industry

Expanding your business to a foreign market has its baggage of legal formalities, litigation issues, etc. Irrespective of the country you’re moving to, these documents have one thing in common – they’re written in the native language of your target country. 

You’ll firstly need to translate these legally binding documents before you can even make sense of what they imply. Given the delicacy of legal matters and their institutional use, you need to have a document translation agency by your side to accurately translate your contracts, legal judgments, statements, articles of incorporation, etc. 

Legal translation services demand expertise in law, linguistics, and local customs. It’s a prerequisite for accurate legal translation of documents such as visas, licenses, and work permits.

Our Tailored Services for Legal Industry –

Requirements for accurate legal translation:

  • A solid understanding of legal terminology and language is pertinent to good legal translation.

Legal diction is unique and fairly complex. That’s why it calls for precision and great linguistic acumen on part of legal translators. A clear understanding of legal terms doesn’t only make translations accurate but precise as well, while translating contracts, agreements, etc.

  • Understanding legal systems not only make translation good but also superfast.

Legal systems vary so starkly that it’s hard for criminal law experts to step into the shoes of commercial law experts. The same holds for family and international experts. Having domain expertise is a must to make translations super fast and good. 

  • Adapting the translation framework to the target language’s conventions is a requirement for a good translation.

Legal conventions have no substitute. They’re the skeleton shaping legal language in the first place. Adapting to it make translations accurate and authentic. Otherwise, the literal translation would mar the text’s meaning and dilute its authenticity.

  • Another basic requirement of good legal translation is attestation or certification.

Translations have to be “certified” for attestation and authentication purposes. In translation terminology, it’s called certified translations and is required for documents to be produced before officials or submitted to courts.


2. Educational Institutions & eLearning Industry

It’s true the advent of the internet democratised education. At the same time, the role played by translation to make education accessible to different linguistic groups can’t be overlooked, either. The accurately done academic translation is vital to ensure learning material is understood by learners. Perhaps, how well students understand and retain concepts depend on the translator’s domain expertise and linguistic precision.

We’ve entered into an era where knowledge is free and accessible but language barriers still exist, which can be overcome with the help of educational websites supporting multilingual content.

Steps to Make eLearning Translation Accurate

  • Create Content Guidelines

Don’t haste to the content creation process before you’ve laid out proper content creation guidelines. The foundation of these guidelines rests on your research into target audience personas, foreign markets, branding, and messaging.  

How you’ll present your content needs to be figured out beforehand because that also impacts how educational content is viewed by learners. You may do so by –

  • Avoiding idioms and colloquialisms
  • Being clear about what to write, and keeping it simple and concise
  • Adding visual content
  • Gather eLearning Materials

Put all your content and eLearning materials in one place so that it’s easier to have a look whenever needed. To have it readily available does make the translation process more efficient. 

If your eLearning project contains audio-video material as well, make sure that you submit audio-video files in the original when translating.

  • Create Glossary and Style Guide

It’s good to have a glossary of terms at your disposal if you want eLearning translations to be accurate. Linguists will need it to ensure textual consistency and accuracy. Also. there’s jargon associated with every domain, and education is no different. You often come across terms that make for jargon, and having a glossary will make eLearning translations more credible.

The style guide will ensure your translator emulates the tone and style you’ve set to be incorporated into your eLearning materials.

  • Get a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to Review the Content

Of course, you don’t want errors to creep into your eLearning materials. Getting a subject matter expert to review translations will ensure your content is accurate.

  • Use Native Linguists to Translate eLearning Materials

Language proficiency matters when translating eLearning materials. Therefore, always choose native linguists for eLearning translations.


3. Finance Industry

There are two aspects to it. One is Finance as an industry, which will include banks, insurance companies, etc. Another is Finance as a service provider to businesses, which streamlines global financial transactions.

But as a service provider as well as an industry, Finance involves documents to be translated from one language to another. For example, you may need translation of German documents to English

This may include documents like contracts, financial terms, legal compliances, licenses, regulations, receipts, confirmations, etc. As a result, require back and forth English to German translation service, for example. 

Why Hire Specialist Financial Translators?

The field of finance is complex, so is financial translation. It’s a domain for specialist translators only. Without a solid foundation and expertise in financial terminology, carrying out finance translation satisfactorily is unthinkable.

Financial documents adhere to accounting standards like International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS in short and contain quantitative data.  A fair amount of familiarization is required on part of translators with IFRS accounting standards before they can even attempt to perform financial translation

Also, different countries have adopted different accounting standards, some have IFRS, some GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Translators have to adapt to the target countries’ accounting standards to make translation accurate and valid.

Only a specialist translator equipped with linguistic skills and expertise in finance will provide the kind of translation the finance industry demands.


4. Healthcare Industry

Translation in medical and life sciences is a matter of life and death. Here, you’ve no room for errors. All sorts of translation services are required by the healthcare industry, including medicine box translation, transcription, interpretation, etc.

Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring Medical Translators

  • Don’t hire translators without a specialization in medical translation

Medical terminology is complex and involves scientific terms. Only a specialized translator can translate medical transcripts, documents, and patient records accurately. Hiring a non-specialised translator might be less expensive but it would cost a patient’s life.

  • Don’t hire translators who don’t understand your target audience

The target audience in the healthcare industry is patients and doctors. If your translator fails to understand who is he writing for, he might produce a mediocre and irrelevant translation, viewed so by the target audience. 

Translation done for doctors is different compared to patients’. A patient can’t understand medical terms. What concerns him is medical records and reports. Anyway, that just shows how necessary context is, and why translators need to understand their target audience before starting translating.

  • Don’t hire translators lacking domain knowledge

Domain knowledge is important for medical translators.  That also includes keeping abreast of medical translation best practices.  For example, abbreviations can’t be used when translating documents related to healthcare.


5. Manufacturing Industry

With manufacturing operations spread across the world, business translation service has become imperative for manufacturers. Translation of marketing materials, advertising copies, product descriptions, user guides, legal documents, etc are a constant feature if you’re a multination manufacturer.

Over it, the documents being translated are always very important ones – tax forms, compliance forms, licenses, patents – as a result, need certified translation recognized by your target country’s law. 

Businesses’ internal communications also need translation service on every front when your workforce is multilingual. Say, for example, communication between various sales and marketing teams can’t take place if the language spoken isn’t common. 

The same applies to inventory reports and emails, which beg proper translation by native linguists who ensure error-free translation across languages.


6. E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce has snowballed into a massive global phenomenon and has touched every individual one or another way. Now people access e-commerce websites to shop directly. However, if your website isn’t in the native language people might access it but not buy from your website. 

That calls for immediate redressal which website translation and localisation so effectively offers. Having product names, descriptions, reviews, etc in users’ target language establishes trust, loyalty, and helps it resonate with your target audience.

Not everyone understands English, that’s why translation is so important. Clients can understand your business better if it’s adapted to their linguistic and cultural needs. Doing so will give your business an edge over your competition in the international market.


7. Market Research Industry

Market research is important for a business’s success overseas. To market products or services effectively is not possible without market research. But in a foreign market, you can’t do it effectively without professional market research translation.

It’s about adapting to consumers’ cultures and languages. That’s why market research agencies rely on translation services for translating/creating questionnaires and surveys in consumers’ local languages.


8. Entertainment and Gaming Industry

Alongside market globalisation, cultural globalisation, too, has gained momentum over the years. As a result, we now have movies from countries like Iran, Spain, China, India being streamed across the globe.

Translation services like subtitling and voice-overs have made it possible to consume video content in any language.  Translation has given the entertainment industry tremendous reach and a wider audience. To reap its benefits, the entertainment and gaming industry need translation service of the highest quality.

Think of Game of Thrones or Money Heist, which Netflix and Amazon helped deliver to millions of users worldwide. The kind of massive international success they enjoy, borders on translation. The same applies to Assassin’s Creed and other such games, which have been turned into a worldwide craze by game translation and localisation.


9. Travel and Tourism Industry

International travel certainly is at its peak. With visa norms relaxed, availability of cheaper accommodations and flights, and multiple operators to choose from, the travel and tourism industry has seen staggering growth. 

What else has happened along the way is the rise of multilingual travel sites, which travellers content in multiple languages. Even printed brochures in visitors’ native language are made available to travellers. So, translation service is imperative for the travel and tourism industry.


10. Human Resources (HR) Industry

Communication can harness the true potential of your employees and help them align with your business’s vision. HR can incite behavioural change in employees. To ensure cultural acceptance, HR needs to propagate your business’s belief system, which is impossible to achieve without speaking in their language. 

A break in communication due to language barriers is detrimental to a business’s success and efficiency. Consequently, translation service in the HR industry has become indispensable.


Incorporating translation into daily business operations is needed for legal, medical, and all other industries as well. Besides industries whose reliance upon translations we’ve discussed above in some detail, we’ve also seen demand for patent translations steadily rising.

The same holds for IT industries where the specialized translation is keeping translators occupied owing to the sheer volume of projects being pitched for services like website translation, software localisation, video game localisation, etc.

Coming to the diversification of translation, new domains have given rise to ingenious translation services, notables being: 

  • Humanitarian translation, 
  • Computer translation, and 
  • Biotech translation. 

    All major industries inevitably need translation services. Industries we’ve discussed above aren’t the only ones. Other sectors that need translation, include:

    • Logistics
    • Military
    • Government
    • Hospitality
    • Automative
    • Technology

    Have a translation project in mind? Locate Translate could help. With our vast expertise, we offer translation services to every industry in 30+ languages at competitive prices.  Contact for project enquiries or call Locate Translate directly +44 208 609 4852.

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    If you are living in the UK and require a document to be translated for personal use, it is important to obtain certified translation services. Certified translation documents are translations of official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates,...

    Apostille and Certified Translation Services for Birth Certificates in the UK

    When it comes to traveling or moving abroad, certain legal documents must be presented and authenticated. One such document is a birth certificate. However, in many cases, birth certificates issued in one country may not be recognized in another country without proper...

    The Challenges of Certified Translation for Legal Documents in the UK

    Certified translation is a process whereby legal documents are translated by a professional translator, who affirms the accuracy and authenticity of the translation with their signature and official seal. This process is necessary in the UK, as legal documents need to...

    Apostilled Translated Documents: A Must-Have for Studying Abroad in the UK

    Studying abroad in the UK can be an exciting and life-changing experience for many international students. However, the process of obtaining the necessary documentation for admission and enrollment can be complex and time-consuming. One essential requirement for...

    Understanding Certified Translation Documents in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

    Certified translation documents are an essential part of many legal, academic, and business transactions. If you are dealing with documents that are in a language other than English in the UK, you will need to have them translated and certified to be accepted by...

    Translation & Transcription Services for International Market Research Studies

    At Locate Translate, we support international market research studies through questionnaire translation and transcription of audio in over 30 languages; which means we help research firms with survey translation into any native language spoken in the area of study. ...

    Explore Our Audio Transcription to Text Services for Market Research Firms

    Enhance Your Market Research Outcome With Our Suite of Transcription Services For years, Locate Translate has been providing market research companies with secure audio transcription to text whenever conducting qualitative research. From transcription of focus groups...

    What is a Localization Strategy for International Business (with Examples from Top Brands)

    What is a Localization Strategy? A localization strategy is a gateway to a globalized marketplace and involves how an international business adapts (and localises) its marketing message, products or services for a global audience by taking into account the target...

    An Introduction to Our Healthcare Interpreting and Translation Services

    In the blog Indispensable Medical Interpretation in the Covid Era, we have mentioned in great detail and length the top reasons that make healthcare and medical interpretation vital for delivering quality care to all individuals. We talked about linguistic diversity...

    All You Need to Know About Certified Apostille Translation

    Many people ask us to explain what is certified Apostille translation as they fail to comprehend its full meaning. While official translation is easily understood by almost all people but the majority are found wanting guidance when it comes to Apostille translation...

    Best Transcription Company in the UK

    Transcription Services UK The perks of partnering with the UK’s best transcription company are many. Especially when it comes to legal or court transcription and market research transcription. Since legal and market research companies constantly require support from...

    Notarised Translation Services: All Your Questions Answered

    All your doubts or questions that you may have regarding notarised translation services will be cleared in this blog. So keep reading till the end! The basic translation process remains the same where text from one language is converted into another language. However,...

    What is a Tender [and What are Tenders Translation Services]

    Tenders Translation Services If you’re eyeing international bidders to bid on your tenders, you may require our document translation services to translate your tenders into multiple languages in order to attract companies worldwide. Without a doubt, effective...

    How to Choose the Right Market Research Transcription Services

    You’re a market research company, you’re well aware of the importance of transcription services in getting insights from studies. Whether in the form of interviews or surveys, market research companies rely on transcription to store, analyse and drive results from...

    How Do I Get a Document Translated?

    Send Scan Document and Translate it to English It doesn’t matter who you are: a business or an individual. If you’re moving overseas you will need to get your documents translated from your native language to the official language of your target country. If you’re an...

    Top Slovakian Translation Service Provider in the UK

    If you're looking for a Slovakian translation service provider but couldn't find one that would satisfactorily carry it out, this post might help.  From a business point of view, the Slovak language is important. And in the age of globalisation, we've seen how...

    An Introduction to Contract Translation Services

    Out of all documents, contracts are a bit difficult to translate from one language to another. Not just do contracts require utmost linguistic accuracy, but business terminology that contracts are so profuse with has to be incorporated into the translated version...

    NARIC (UK ENIC) Translation of Documents for UK University Applications

    Translation Requirements For UK University Applications For students whose academic certificates aren’t in English, certified translation of education-related documents is essential when processing applications for UK universities. So if you’re an international...

    Translate and Transcribe Interviews in 30+ Languages

    Different industries, from market research to academics, rely on qualitative and quantitative research in their respective fields to identify opportunities for growth, record expert opinions on clinical trials and understand customers’ views.  Needless to say, in...

    Locate Translate Offers Marketing Transcreation in Over 30 Languages

    Right words are hard to identify in the target language to replace words from the source language when the intention is not to sacrifice, but to preserve, the original meaning. In other words, finding an exact replacement for words in the native tongue that...

    How to Get Transcripts of Podcasts?

    Hey, podcasters! Transcribing podcast audio to text offers the following benefits. A podcast transcript connects you with a larger audience. Transcribing podcasts helps you create blog posts, infographics, emails, and other informative content. Search engines can...

    Zoom Simultaneous Interpretation for Webinars: How Locate Translate Helps Host Multilingual Webinars?

    Although the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has declined in most parts of the world. The remote work, which was almost a compulsion when it was first introduced as a measure for physical distancing, is here to stay. Professionals seem to have accustomed to remote...

    Top 3 Benefits of Subtitling

    Any content that you produce you do so with the sole aim of connecting to your international audience.  In today's day and age, consumers, especially the millennials, are social media savvy and want regular video content from brands they follow.  For brands with an...

    One-Stop-Shop for Interpreting Services [Remote to Onsite]

    Times have changed dramatically since the arrival of the unwanted guest: CORONAVIRUS. Especially the way we conduct our businesses and offer services. Pandemic transitioned our day to day mundane life from offline to the realm of digital, forced businesses of all...

    Artificial Intelligence vs Human Translation: Pros and Cons

    Language glues us together and we need it to communicate intelligently. We set the outcome we wish to achieve from a communicated idea, whether that be the emotive or intellectual response.  No wonder then artificial intelligence makes concerted efforts to...

    Global Expansion of Business: The Ultimate Guide

    As a foreign languages translation partner, we're equipped to fuel the extension of your global reach. When new horizons await you ahead, it makes no sense to not cash in. All successful people have one thing in common: they don't sit on past laurels. They push...

    Easily Accessible Ukrainian Translation Services for Refugees

    Easily Accessible Ukrainian Translation Services for Refugees In the hour of unprecedented circumstances, we don’t want language barriers to cause further problems to the Ukrainian refugees who continue to leave war-torn Ukraine in droves for safer countries. Let the...

    30 Funny German Words With Hilarious Literal Translations

    Funny German Translations of Weird German Words in English Some words lose their humour when translated into another language and don’t sound funny enough to evoke the kind of boisterous laughter one had intended for it. However, there are German words that are funny...

    Buying Property in Spain? Here’s How Legal Translation Services Can Help!

    If you’re aiming to buy property in a foreign country, know that Spain is an ideal location. Buying property in Spain is ideal owing to its verdant landscapes, pleasant weather, and its amazingly enriching and cost-effective way of life. All in all, it makes sense to...

    50 German Words With No English Translation

    German Words With No English Equivalent Working in a translation agency has its benefits – you come across so many languages as translators mumble in multiple tongues. I’ve been at Locate Translate for many months now. During my tenure, I’d discuss languages with...

    6 Reasons Financial Translation is Imperative for your Business

    Financial Translation Facilitates Global Expansion With the internet’s proliferation on a massive scale, borders and cultures no longer hinder the business’s expansion plans. Just about anywhere a business can move and access a pool of potential customers. Help, along...

    Ten Reasons Businesses Need Translation Services

    Ten Reasons Businesses Need Translation Services Here are ten reasons that explain why businesses need human-done translation services to legally translate business documents. Preference for Native Language Lacking Required English Proficiency Need for Localisation...

    Why you Should Hire Professional Translators for Legal Translation

    Come legal translation of documents, complexity reaches its apex. In particular, the complexity owes to two things. One is the complex legal terminology associated with preparing legal documents. Another is to ensure the accuracy of the translated version at par with...

    Audio Transcripts: Guide to Transcript File Formats

    Audio transcripts come in many transcript file formats. This blog will provide knowledge that will help you identify the format that will work best for you. So let's begin. Some of the most common transcript formats are: Plain Text Transcription Formats Plain Text...

    Indispensable Medical Interpretation in the Covid Era

    Healthcare & Medical Interpretation Services in Situations Like COVID-19 A 2013 National Institutes of Health report suggests some 25.5 million people, which is about 8.5% of the US population, were LEP or Limited English Proficient. The same report reveals that...

    How to Write a Transcript: A Definitive Guide to Interview Transcription [2022]

    This blog is for novice transcribers who have just started their career in interview transcription.  Also, for businesses trying to convert audio/video files into text on their own and looking for guidance in doing so accurately and in quick time, this blog may...

    Subtitles Vs. Closed Captioning: All You Need To Know

    Captions vs subtitles give the impression that they are identical. A facade of resemblance hides from view the web of differences between the two. But there's more to it than meets the eye.  Closed captioning is for one type of audience while subtitling is for...

    How to Transcribe an Interview: A Complete Guide to Interview Transcription

    Interview Transcription: learn how to transcribe an interview with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to interview transcribing. Let's begin. What is a transcript of an interview? An interview transcript is a written or text version of a completed verbal...
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